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Club Membership

Join us today!

Roude Léiw Polo Club offers a variety of membership options. We look forward to welcoming you into our community. For more information about the types of membership available, refer below to the details of each membership type, and select the one that is right for you. There are affordable ways of joining us. Please read below and don't hesitate to get in touch in case you have any questions.


Player Membership


The level of membership at Roude Léiw Polo Club provides full membership benefits, access to events, and so much more. Full members have the right to participate in all club chukkers, engage in Stick&Ball sessions at any time and enjoy so many amazing aspects of our Polo club — you’ll want to join them! Want to find out more about this membership and even more details? Get in touch with us today.


Stick & Ball Membership


Join Roude Léiw Polo Club with our Stick & Ball Membership and you’ll feel all the benefits of joining a family oriented club and finally understand what all of the talk was about. The Stick & Ball membership gives you right to do stick & ball at any time during the polo season on our fields. We even throw in a 1-day-VIP ticket for one of our tournaments to sweeten the deal (value: +-100€).

Corporate VIP Membership


With this membership option, Roude Léiw Polo Club offers members access to the polo fields and use of the facilities at all times. Additionally, Corporate VIP members will be invited to all events and receive a 1-day VIP-ticket for a designated corporate member to one of our tournaments (value: +- 100€).


VIP Membership

€250/Year or

€350/Year for couples!

This level of membership at Roude Léiw Polo Club provides VIP membership benefits, including access to the polo fields, and so much more. These members enjoy so many amazing aspects of our friendly club — you’ll want to join them! Want to find out more about this membership and even more details? Get in touch with us today.

Green Fee


Fee to participate in one Club Chukker (7.5 minutes) or a stick & ball session (45 minutes) on the fields of the Roude Léiw Polo club. This option is given either to members of our Polo Club who aren't Full Members or Stick & Ball members, and members of any other polo club who are visiting RLPC and who are covered by their own insurance. N.B. Payment is made by bank transfer before using the facilities.

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Horse Hire

€65/Club Chukker or Stick & Ball session

Roude Léiw Polo Club is very happy to offer horse hire facilities and has a wide range of horses at its disposal. The fee is per horse per Club Chukker of 7.5 minutes or Stick & Ball session of 45 minutes. Horse hire facilities for tournaments can be offered at a premium rate of €120/ horse/ chukker depending on availability.

Meet Our Members

Polo players and Stick & Ball of the Roude Léiw Polo Club and their handicaps, as well as our VIP members!

Wilhelmina von Blumenthal

Playing Member (HC -1)

Sergei Bocharnikov

Playing Member (HC -1)

Alexander Gebhard

Playing Member (HC -2)

Alexander Ludorf (President)

Playing Member (HC 0)

Clothilde Ludorf

Playing Member (HC 0)

Leopold Ludorf

Playing Member (HC +1)
DPV certified umpire

Constance Ludorf

Playing Member (HC -2)

Svetlana Silvane (Treasurer)

Playing Member (HC -1)

Colm Smith (Secretary)

Playing Member (HC -1)

Jessica Quig

Playing Member (HC -1)

Simona Vaitiekuté

Playing Member (HC -2)

Andreas Schwiertz

Playing Member (HC 0)

Umpire C certification

Alice Stoffel

VIP Member

Jan Lohmann (Vice-President)

Playing Member (HC -2)

Max Mailliet

Playing Member (HC -1)

Peter Herrig

Playing Member (HC -1)

Playing Member (HC -2)

Could this be you?

Playing Member/ Stick & Ball Member

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