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Polo try-out session

200€/3h Package

Are you interested in trying out polo? This package offers beginners three individual 1-hour polo training sessions with one of our polo trainers. The fee includes the horse hire and the personal trainer. These sessions are arranged on an individual basis with dates and times agreed between the individual and the trainer. N.B. Payment is made by bank transfer or via online payment before using the try-out session.

Training session

80€/1h Training Session


Training sessions at Roude Léiw Polo Club are open to players of all ages and all levels of experience. There are no prerequisites to book one of our training sessions - of course, knowing how to ride helps, but it is NOT a necessity at all! Individual training sessions last 1h and the fee includes both that of the personal trainer and the horse hire. We will provide you with a mallet and a helmet, you only need to come in jeans and with robust shoes. N.B. Payment is made by bank transfer before using the training session.

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