RLPC member of the Deutscher Polo Verband e.V. (DPV)

Luxembourg, May 2020

Since 2020, the Roude Léiw Polo Club A.s.b.l. (RLPC) is proud member of the Deutscher Polo Verband e.V. (DPV), the German Polo Federation.

The Board of the DPV decided in its November 2019 meeting to accept the RLPC as a member. The DPV Board’s decision is exceptional as the RLPC is the first member of the DPV that is not located on German grounds. For the time being the RLPC is considered as a temporary guest member, until the DPV extends its bylaws from being a federation not only for German clubs but in the future also including non-German clubs.

The RLPC is the first polo club in Luxembourg that is member of an accredited sports federation.

The membership is a great honor for our young club as it underlines the attractiveness of our club in the polo world. In addition, it gives the RLPC several advantages:

- All RLPC tournaments are now listed in the DPV calendar of polo tournaments. (see: https://www.dpv-poloverband.de/de/turniere/liste)

- Handicaps of our club's players are officially listed and tracked, as they are set and adjusted following the by-annual decisions of the Federation's handicap commission

- The RLPC follows the DPV’s well thought through regulations, rules and recommendations, based on a vast experience gained during the nearly 50 years long existence of the DPV

- Through the DPV membership the RLPC is associated with the Hurlingham Polo Association and the Federation of International Polo (FIP)

Download here to press release!

We are looking forward to our interaction with the DPV!

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We enjoy playing polo, fun events around polo and polo lifestyle

The Roude Léiw Polo Club was founded in 2017 in Luxembourg. The club member's objective is to enjoy to play polo, they aim to organize and enjoy events around polo and live the polo lifestyle. If you are interested to join please contact us!

The Roude Léiw Polo Club is a guest member of the DPV, the German Polo Federation. The DPV itself is member of the FIP, Federation of International Polo and the Hurlingham Polo Association.


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