Bentley won the Roude Léiw Polo Club Inauguration Cup 2018. Click for picture gallery!

The team Bentley with Johanna Droste, Britta Kran-Piltz, Alexander Piltz und Beto Farias won the RLPC Inauguration Cup 2018. Second became the team from Audi Luxembourg, third Sotheby's Reality Luxembourg followed by the host team of Roude Léiw Polo Club.

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We enjoy playing polo, fun events around polo and polo lifestyle

The Roude Léiw Polo Club was founded in 2017 in Luxembourg. The club member's objective is to enjoy to play polo, they aim to organize and enjoy events around polo and live the polo lifestyle. If you are interested to join please contact us!

The Roude Léiw Polo Club is a guest member of the DPV, the German Polo Federation. The DPV itself is member of the FIP, Federation of International Polo and the Hurlingham Polo Association.


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