Polo players and Stick & Ball members of the Roude Léiw Polo Club and their handicaps

Wilhelmina von Blumenthal -1 *)

Sergei Bocharnikov -2 *)

Yacine Diallo *)

Michèle van Kasteren *)

Alexander Ludorf 0

Clothilde Ludorf -1

Leopold Ludorf -1 (0 **) )

Jessica Quig -2

Svetlana Silvane  -1

Colm Smith -1

Yvanna Thackray *)

Gabriela Turk-Haul -1 *)

Simona Vaitiekuté *)

*) Stick and Ball member

**) From 01.01.2020 onwards

Note: Social (VIP) members are not depicted in the above

(Latest update: 1.12.2019)

We enjoy playing polo, fun events around polo and polo lifestyle

The Roude Léiw Polo Club was founded in 2017 in Luxembourg. The club member's objective is to enjoy to play polo, they aim to organize and enjoy events around polo and live the polo lifestyle. If you are interested to join please contact us.

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